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I was born in Lachute and I now live in the house where I grew up. My daughter sleeps in the bedroom that was once mine and my son sleeps in the bedroom that used to be my brother’s. I wouldn’t leave it for anything in this world. I invite you to get to know this charming city, one stay at a time. You will discover a community that is warm and welcoming.

Lachute is a city that knows how to fuel its potential. With its growing population, today more than ever, it’s experiencing an effervescence, to which I am proud to contribute in my role as the General Manager of the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham, Lachute. Lachute folks have a love for what is local and its entrepreneurial spirits have answered this call. Lachute’s main street will enchant you with its numerous patios and boutiques in which you will encounter these local stories. Having grown up here, I went to school with many of these creative and dedicated people who are opening these businesses and leading them to success, who are at the head of community associations and organizations: their active contribution is reassuring and contagious. As contagious as the smiles that you will be offered while strolling down our streets showcasing heritage buildings that will have your imagination dive into the past, creating the sensation of being at the crossroads of history and progress.

The city is evolving toward an economic centre focused on its progressive industrial parks specializing in sorting and transformation, retail, air and road transportation and hydroelectricity. The Synercité Park is the first in Québec focused on the circular economy! Lachute is also the gateway to the Laurentians region, a door to a touristic panorama unique to Eastern Canada. Opportunities to do business here abound and we are positioning ourselves as an important centre where you can host your partners and clients or any business development activities. Furthermore, Lachute welcomes large sporting events and cultural shows during the summer. We invite visitors to the city to extend their discovery of the region, having this new possibility of staying with us in a practical, economical, modern hotel, offering award-winning service.

We look forward to hosting you and your guests, in Lachute, a city that is nor too small, nor too big, where everything is within reach, especially the community.

Fanny Charbonneau, General Manager